The Outsource CMO

Hiring Alan Epstein as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer may be the best marketing investment you’ve ever made

The Challenge

If you’re a business owner, you know what a challenge it can be to get a strong ROI from your sales and marketing efforts. Your own in-house talent or outside resources may be lacking in overall marketing experience and expertise. Yet hiring an outside marketing firm or advertising agency may be more than your budget can afford and you probably won’t be getting the talent you need that thinks strategically about your business

The Benefit

By outsourcing and working with Alan Epstein serving in the CMO  function, you can leverage high-level talent in smaller increments of time and budget, while still gaining my many years of experience and expertise to accelerate your business’ growth. Outsourcing high-level talent is a common practice for CFO’s and IT. It makes even more sense when it comes to your sales and marketing.

Developing your Marketing Strategy
Developing your Marketing Strategy
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The CMO Role and signs you need an experienced outsourced CMO

Are these areas missing from your executive team?

The CMO’s role is to advise the CEO and other executives how best to expand markets, increase awareness, build loyalty, drive engagement and grow revenues. The high-level marketing leader is responsible for creating the “voice” for the organization through the brand experience. Ultimately, these efforts will lead to greater profits and overall brand value.

Creating a powerful position statement and value proposition should not be done in a vacuum. It needs to include the insights of solid data and facts vs being guessed upon by the company’s executives. Knowing how to get this information and use it in all phases of the planning process takes experience and the expertise of a strategically thinking experienced marketing person.

This expert resource does not have to be a full time and expensive position within your organization. It is likely that your organization can benefit from the part time use of this CMO function which could help you plan your executive team in the future without the huge initial cash outlay.

Sure signs that you need an experienced outsourced CMO
If any of these situations sound familiar to you, call Alan Epstein to discuss viable solutions

  • You have a tactical marketing team, but they aren’t involved in decisions regarding company vision, mission, strategy, tactics and growth plans.
  • You are dissatisfied with results of marketing and the impact on revenue and know you are missing out on existing market opportunities.
  • You lack a marketing strategy that can deliver predictable and measurable results.
  • You spend money on marketing, though you see little ROI from those efforts.
  • Your team does not use or have the capabilities to measure their performance.
  • You need better competitive analysis and market research to know if your messages are correctly being received and are talking to the right people.
  • You need a comprehensive assessment of marketing tactics, team members and capabilities to ensure you are built for long-term success.
  • You need an expert that can help you improve brand loyalty, reduce churn and supports the business development team to achieve their growth targets.
  • You want a professional marketing approach, but don’t want the expense of a full time marketing person.
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Here is what I can provide your business as your outsourced CMO:

  • Analysis of your current sales and marketing efforts and if you have the right resources doing the right jobs.
  • Assessment of all your messages including internal and external communications to current and prospective customers
  • Review of your marketing efforts and data to determine if you are reaching the correct decision makers in the most efficient and effective manner
  • Identify the data and information needed to make informed, strategically driven decisions on all sales and marketing efforts
  • Create a strategically driven, fact-based plan with action items to achieve your company goals
  • Train and lead your current marketing team in these new initiatives

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