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When I go through my strategic brand research process, I don’t just present data. See how my analytical findings and insights led to actionable sales building ideas for a clients.

Case Study:Turn Style
Consignment Store

Turn Style Consignment Stores is a chain of 20 units in the Minneapolis, Denver and Phoenix markets. They had been losing market share to key competitors in two of their three markets and were struggling with message strategies to market their products and services.

Key Challenge Requiring A Creative Solution

Besides not having a clear understanding of what or how to communicate to their clientele, the client viewed the target for buyers and sellers as “One” which our research proved to be a mistake. We surveyed customers and non-customers within a five-mile radius of all their units and separated the results by “Buyer” and “Consigner” in each of their three markets.

Our Strategic Consumer Insight

Our planning team gained tremendous insights from our research that led to the creation of a new positioning statement and message strategies that would achieve future success. Research revealed that the Buyer and Consigner had different needs and expectations from Turn Style - thus we needed to treat the two as separate in our targeting and communications.

Our Strategic Branding Solution

As a result of my research findings, insights and suggestions, I strategically changed how they go to market, and re-positioned the client from selling “quality used clothes and furnishings” to marketing themselves as selling tremendous value on one-of-a kind high-end merchandise that expresses a sense of style. As a result of my research, I also suggested for new buyers that they target women who patronize high-end value retailers (like Fifth Ave., Nordstrom Rack, and Marshall’s) with the message that these retailers don’t offer the extreme value that Turn Style offers on one-of-a kind merchandise that changes on a daily basis.

Thus, we needed to communicate that, “Turn Style consigners and buyers both earn and save money on the latest styles and fashions that enhance their lifestyles and have fun doing it!”

Actionable Ideas That Enhance Results

As part of my process, we used my findings, insights and marketing expertise to create “actionable sales building ideas” for my clients. My contributions did not end with the delivery of a new position and message strategies as we also created a brand personality for the client to better connect with their target. I created a number of sales and brand building ideas that greatly contributed to enhance sales results as well as a clearer vision on how best to take the brand to market.

Some of these included:

  • Developed a more extensive E-mail program (they previously would only email quarterly during transition seasons-winter to spring, back-to-school, etc.) that are now used as traffic drivers and education tools.
  • Created programs such as “consigner of the month”, “frequent consigner awards”, etc. to spotlight successful consignment stories.
  • Incented customers to make recommendations and tested various incentives aimed at increasing recommendations.
  • Made sure that all social media communications included an easy method for customers to forward positive comments.
  • Suggested recruiting successful consigners to create blogs offering tips and strategies for successful consignment.
  • Created in-store signage ideas to help in the educating and sales processes.

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