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Most B2B companies lack a marketing perspective at the highest level


Elements to marketing perspective

Over the last couple of months I have talked to several CEO's of professional service firms and in manufacturing, and there appeared to be a common theme in these discussions. As they evaluated their senior team and internal resources, they realized that they lacked a marketing voice at the table and started to see and understand that this missing skill set was holding them back from making their company goals. This seems to be a prevalent issue with small and mid sized B2B firms.

Problem is, most small and mid-sized companies simply don't have the resources, either financially or staffing wise, to maintain a professional marketer who can provide that high level thinking necessary to grow a business.

The value of having an outsource Chief Marketing Officer, working in concert with top management, is the ability to help drive marketing strategies and all-important digital tactics, while simultaneously helping to build, or if necessary re-position, the brand.

As a decision maker for your business, or one you may consult with, you have to trust that those leading the marketing efforts are more visionary than reactionary. If there are doubts about their ability to use the strategic thinking necessary to build and develop the brand in a way that leads to future profits and growth, then perhaps the solution can't be found from within... that's where I can help.

Let's talk so you can discover how my proven experience can lead to strategies and insights designed to successfully guide your company's growth for the long run. Email or call me and see how a free, one-hour consultation could be the smartest marketing investment you'll ever make.

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As a business owner, you have nothing to lose by having a one-hour free consultation.