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Do you know your Net Promoter Score and why it’s so important?

Do you know your company's Net Promoter Score? More important, do you know why this is important for your business? If you are not familiar, much has been written on the subject and has been proven with extensive research to be the best predictor of future brand success and profitability. 

How to Assure Your Brand is Sustainable

There was an interesting article in Adweek recently where they surveyed the
nations’ top marketers in what was perceived to be quite a surprise.

What to do and not do when planning out of a recession

Now is the ideal time to reevaluate where you are putting your sales and marketing efforts

What businesses can learn from Dr Fauci and COVID 19


We have learned over the past few months the importance of data when it comes to making economic and health related decisions.  For a while there, the country was hanging on every word spoken by Dr Fauci, and what was it that he always preached?  

A CMO Needs To Be At The Table


Did you know that of the thousands of seats available to be on the board of directors of Fortune 1000 companies in the United States, only 26 of them are currently occupied by individuals holding the title of CMO or its equivalent? Those were the numbers I ran across in a recent report from Spencer Stuart, one of the top executive recruiting firms in the nation.


It's not the tactic that failed- it's the message


I can't tell you the number of times I've seen businesses of all sizes think only about tactics without thinking strategy first. When I am in conversations with these business owners and ask how a tactic they executed worked, I often get a negative response.


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As a business owner, you have nothing to lose by having a one-hour free consultation.